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"The foundation is established; now, a strong, competitive school system centered on our children is within reach. I am dedicated to our community and energized to continue working towards a better future."

- Britta Johnson

Britta is running for Sonoma Valley School's Trustee Area No. 5

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As of 9/13/20

I am grateful for the support of Sonoma's elected leaders and the greater community. We come from all walks of life, yet share a common purpose: to come together in support of the children in Sonoma Valley.
Local Organizations

Sonoma County Democratic Party

North Bay Labor Council

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 551

Praxis Peace Institute

Elected Officials

Mike McGuire, California State Senator

Bill Dodd, California State Senator


Logan Harvey, Sonoma City Council Mayor

Rachel Hundley, Sonoma City Council Vice Mayor

Madolyn Agrimonti, Sonoma City Council Member

David Cook, Sonoma City Council Member

Amy Harrington, Sonoma City Council Member

Jack Ding, Sonoma City Council Member, elect 12/20

Laurie Gallian, Former Mayor City of Sonoma

Gina Cuclis, Sonoma County Board of Education

Cathy Coleman, SVUSD School Board Trustee, Area 1

Melanie Blake, SVUSD School Board Trustee, Area 2

John Kelly, SVUSD School Board Trustee, Area 3

Catalina Wetzel, SVUSD School Board Trustee, Area 4

Susan Gorin, Sonoma County Supervisor

Jenni Klose, Santa Rosa City Schools, Board of Education Director

Laurie Fong, Santa Rosa City Schools, Board of Education President

Bill Cogbill, Retired Sonoma County Sheriff

Community Members

Madeline & John Morgan

Erin & Matt Cline

Heidi & Mike Stovall

Becky & Tom Larson

Lori Maggioncalda

Jane Demordaunt

 Tom Libbey

Renee O'Donnell

Kathy Ervin

Lizette Dalquie

Mara Lee & Fred Ebert

Lori Winter

Irene & Steve Weisiger

Alexandra Dobson

Susie & Geoff Gallo

Jim & Diane ODonnell

Gary & Marsha Nelson

Megan McGinty Kaplan

Sandy Kaplan

Kathy Smeaton

Erin George

Veronica Espeche

Devora & Larry Deutsch

Disty & Rich Thompson

Bob Sanders

Scott Peterson

Mindy Luby

Mary Kate Dreyer

John & Ingrid Sheets

Cameron McKesson

Lizzy & Cameron Stuckey

Jolena Powell

Jenny & Mike Yankovich

Alison O'Donnell

Lisa Ziganti

Megan & Paul Segre

Norm & Dierdre Cram

Mary & Eric Jorgensen

Donna & Mark Warona

Bonnie Sheehan

Jenny Witous

Christine Neles

Mary Ann Sebastiani Cuneo

Kristi Kelly Cederborg

Yolanda & Gabriel Contreras

Sally & Rob Houghton

Suzanne Larson & Jeff Bartfeld

Jon & Joanna Greenslade

Elisha Coon

Dave Dobson

Halli Dobson

Rob Sherwood

Jordan Brinn

Denise Wilbanks

Sue Smith

Dan Sondheim

Tina Grippi

Lani Gullotta

Jenine Shiffman Akre

Jenna & Miles Burgin

Jennifer Saldana

Lisa Volat

Bob & Margie O'Gorman

Pamela Wiley

Rose & Mike Fanucci

Dr. Grant Dobson

Sarah Ford-Monroe

Al & Linda Robles

Tiffany Knef

Jim Witous

Rhonda von Gober

Russelle Johnson

Sandy Sanchez

Pedro Serrano Napoles

Jacque Alanis

Doug Mighell

Pam & Jim Hellen

Riley O'Donnell

Giordi Serafini

Sue Cogbill

Laura Szanyi

Madeline Libbey

Margaret Smeaton

Matthew Shuplock

Jillian Baker

Dave & Kathleen Sickert

Cindy & Dave Studdert

Chris Woodcock

Chalon Bridges

Rose Usher

Bob Edwards

Gaynell Steuber

Sheana Davis

Ben Sessions

Mary Egan & Gerald Serafini 

Noah & Caryn Weiss 

Georgia Kelly

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